CadOGéo version 3.01

New update branch for CadOGeo+.
3.X versions see faster processing on large volumes of information.
DWG / DXF 2022 files are supported.
The activation system of the software has been reviewed internally for less constraints for the user.
Very soon will be added the GPS data import of your smartphones so that your laptop or your Windows tablet turns into a field terminal.

CadOGeo and 3D

Many questions are posed by the site's contact page, not through the forum. The answers that we can bring therefore can not benefit all and it is a pity. Regarding 3D, here are some elements.
While not a 3D design software, CadOGeo can draw in X, Y and Z. The PLUS version has topographical routines manager in altimetry.
Originally, Autocad is a CAD software in 2D, the true 3D designer being Autodesk Inventor but there are also many other SketchUp, SOLIDWORKS, etc ...
There will soon be a version 2.8.3 of CadOGeo + allowing the calculation of volumes (calculation by prisms from a Delauney triangulation).
But screenshots are better than long speeches;


You now have an on-site tutorials page.
It allows you to send video on Dailymotion.
Do not hesitate to ask for others, even if the demands on PLUS version will have priority.
Moreover there are many tutorials for Autocad online. The principles remain the same on CadOGeo.

CadOGeo+ 2.7 and the use of DWG / DXF 2015

For September 2015, here is a new release of CadOGeoPlus, the 2.7. It has a multitude of additional or rewritten functions , but especially the management of DWG / DXF 2015.
What changes since version 2 CadOGeoLT, exit there is about 3 years, which is and will remain free. This allows to have a first idea of the possibilities of such software and then move to the PLUS version for its low price and its extensions.
This version is, of course, free for owners of a CadOGeoPlus license, which is a true license and not an annual subscription to a product who we don't know whether he belongs to us... These users will soon receive a Email with the download link.

CadOGeo+ with touchscreen

CadOGéo version 2.6 has a new interface to improve the management of orders in touch mode, especially for small screens. If screen is touch sensitive, two buttons appear at the bottom and on either side of the control line.

The left one is used to clear the menu and the horizontal bar of icons, which is appreciable when the screen is small. The right button is bringing up two bars large icons containing the most useful orders on a terrain terminal, while being easily selectable with finger. You can also create more than twenty customizable icons; see the last 5 icons on the second line.

In topography, electronic notebooks transfers have been enhanced to manage the auscultation measurements.
The CadOGeo users will benefit free of all these improvements, and no increase in prices for future buyers.

CadOGeo+ and the Shape format

Released this month a new version of CadOGeo, the 2.55, with a few minor bug fixes, additional functionality including support for shapefile format, input and output.
The attribute tables are kept and you will have a gateway between the standard format of Computer Aided Drafting (DWG and DXF) and the standard format of geographic information systems (SHP).
The SHP format can contain any information related to the geometry of the objects of your plan; points, lines or polygons. It is always accompanied with two other files with the same name and with extension DBF, containing attributes for the objects contained in the shapefile data, and SHX, storing the index of the geometry.
The attribute data are the data accompanying graphic objects with additional information such as text, image, sound and any other Windows file. In CadOGeo, you will find them in the SQL database or in block attributes.

CadOGeo internationalization

Since version 2, CadOGeo can be translated into all languages.
In the application directory, you have a database file format SQLite named "language.db.".
This file contains tables, the first of which contains the name of the language returned by Windows and the index of the row in the following tables that correspond to the different translations of the software functions.
You can open this file with eg Firefox or another SQLite database manager. In Firefox you can find this utility in the menu "Firefox, Web Development, SQLite Manager." If this addon is not present on your computer, download it, it is one of the best.
You may request us by the contact form, the Excel file with all translations.
Once the file is completed, you return it. This allows you to share your work with all users. It also allows cross the various translations of technical terms to choose the best.
Thank you to the first two volunteers
Marta Becat for the Catalan language.
Istvan KRISTOF for the Hungarian language.
Some technical translations are still missing, then the terms are in English.

CadOGeo compatible with Windows 8.

CadOGeo has been tested successfully on Windows 8 tablet Intel (Asus EP 121). Warning, it is not a tablet ARM, but a ultrabook with Intel Core i5.
CadOGeo is running on this machine with a stylus in the drawing, the rest can be entered on the finger if you have a large enough font.
Windows 8 makes sense with this type of machine and this operating system becomes highly effective.
It remains of course to accept a high weight (2x) a limited autonomy (/ 2) and no GPS (but you can install a bluetooth one).

The version number 2 is available.

Version 2 is available. She brings many improvements requested by users and fixes some bugs reported.
She also possesses a language management module which allows to have the interface and graphics engine translated into French and English. Other languages can be added by users because all translations are in a SQLite format database file.
To facilitate the work of translation, it will soon be possible to download data in Excel format to add a language. You will have more details in a future article dedicated.
Only GIS and PLUS versions will receive the latest updates including management of new DWG files. They also have additional features and a custom maintenance. Contact us.

CadOGeo+ and its two modules are available.

The two CadOGeo add-on modules are available, SIG and Topo.
With only one software you can then draw, calculate, manage your information for an unbeatable price.
Update and maintenance are free of charge as long as there is no major software modification (version 2 then 3...)
Caution do not confuse maintenance and training.

Online purchasing will soon be available directly on the website. Orders start from today, do not hesitate to contact us

Implementation of a GIS for a town with over 100000 inhabitants!

We have just completed the conception with CadOGeo SIG, of a cadastral base on a municipality over 100000 inhabitants.
The correponding SQLite base is 102 MB. It opens instantaneously. A click in any parcel instantly displays the cadastral data.
A query on the database with 2134 objects found takes about 2 seconds to display result on a table that can be saved as an EXCEL format. If you want to hatch all parcels found, it will take about thirty seconds.
The memory consumption of CadOGeo for this database is around 460MB.The display of an HD “orthophoto” ECW format sizing 1.2GB does not disturb the software fluidity.
These data were recorded on a standard desktop computer.
Therefore the management of an average city can be performed with CadOGeo without any difficulty whatever you computer equipment.

GIS database module update.

Update libraries of CadOGeo with the use of lastest versions.
The SQLite library used goes to version
The OpenSSL encryption library goes to version 1.00d
Careful to enjoy the possibility of encrypting your data, use our libraries.

Beginning of users tests for the two extension modules.

A beta version of the two extension modules is being distributed to interested users and registered in the freeware version.

See you soon in our forum.

Activation of CadOGeo.

The free software requires activation.

To directly estimate the number of potential users before making a full version of CadoGeo+ available.
To check the protection system before making available of full version.
To centralize all the difficulties through the forum, to remedy.

All work deserves payment. Some tools used in CadOGeo are subject to royalties paid by us. The price of the full version will be very competitive. At this price, what interest to hack? But habits are hard to lose and this is maintained by the pricing policy of softwares.

So feel free to register. We don't create a commercial database of users. You can also send us a "disposable" email address created on yahoo, google and others.

After 30 days what will happen? You will not be able to run the software anymore, without registering it. The registration will remove the activation window when starting and to have, even after 30 days, a fully usable software.

Caution. Do not play with the system date on your computer. This will reset the current 30 days to zero only ONCE, and will make very complicated the use of the registered version.

You can also use CadOGeo on a USB key, it is very light for a CAD program. We just have to activate the various computers you use, each user entitled to a reasonable number of licenses.

See you on our forum.

Translation of CadOGeo.

In the options menu you can choose the language used with CadOGeo, currently French and English.

For English, only the CadOGeo graphics engine is fully translated. The interface is in French. The English translation is partial. We would appreciate any goodwill that would allow us to translate in several languages. Initially, we limit ourselves to the most used languages with the Latin alphabet. All strings used by the software will be recorded in a text file that you'll need to complete. site is also accessible by typing

See you on our forum.

Open Design Alliance. What is it ?

Open Design Alliance (ODA) is a nonprofit organization of more than 1,000 software developers in 40 countries. It develops and maintains the library Teigha™ in order to open the Autodesk® DWG format (R12 format to version 2011) to other CAD software and other technical graphics applications.

DWG is the native format and owner of Autocad is a trademark of Autodesk, Inc. ODA is not associated with Autodesk.

The past has seen disappear from the market, large IT groups, thereby making obsolete data files encoded in proprietary formats. The large number of applications using the library will allow to maintain, over time, the Teigha™ format used by your data.

This library developed in C + + can interface with ActiveX controls or by component .NET

To use this library, you must join the association. You can find more information on their website: Open Design Alliance

Launch CadOGeo site !

On this day, the launch of the "" website. This brand new site should help disseminate as widely as possible the CadOGeo CAD 2D software FREE and be a place of exchange and experience.

Feel free to do live the forum. He is here to help. Remember CadOGeo comes with full Windows support for F1 and a PDF guide about a hundred pages very accessible.

Do not hesitate to warn me through the contact form, of any malfunction within the site. You can also give me links to your sites covering the same domains. If they are complementary to this site, and distributed as freeware, we can put your banners on the right hand side for free.