CadOGeo+. CAD 2D and GIS software, DWG/DXF 2023 (and earlier) and shapefiles compatible.

CadOGeo+, a particularly effective tool for creating plans, include a complete topographic calculation module, a database management module in SQLITE format, smartphone GPS management and direct integration of Streetview®.

It is of course perfectly compatible Windows 10/11.

The price, one of the most interesting market, does not correspond to a subscription but is indeed a perpetual and complete license.

The maintenance is free on CadOGeo+ as well as the updates.

A library of +3000 blocks is offered for any buyer.

Should you want to express your interest, please, feel free to contact us.This does not bind you. Use the contact form.

CadOGeo+, CAD 2D software including topographic calculations module.

You will be able to calculate, with this module , the field measurements until the final drawing. The ergonomics of CadOGeo has been carefully studied for greater efficiency.

Topographic calculations

Enter your triangulation points. download the angular and distance readings in the software.
It's possible to import from a lot of topographic instruments formats (Leica, Trimble, Nikon, Sokkia, etc...).

Calculate your new points using different methods; trilateration, intersection, resection (angle-angle, angle-distance) , traverses...
All the calculation routines using least squares adjustment, including networks.

The drawing can be generated by codes assigned to points.
For each code it is possible to set up different parameters to represent points,lines,blocks.
You can then ask CadOGeo to automatically draw 80% of the final design.

You have also a function of coordinate transformation using a Helmert or affine adaptation which allows you to geotag your plans in reference systems
and a function to convert geographic coordinates into plane coordinates will allow you to retrieve items from GPS.

CadOGeo+. GIS software with module for managing databases.

You want to add additional information to your graphic objects. CadOGeo is for you. Simply index your graphic objects which will allow to see automatically all the information attached.

Office GIS

The uses are multiple; integration of cadastral data with networks, display of people in each rooms of an office tower (name, picture).

Land GIS

An obvious application on the field is the work follow-up.
The technician arrives on site. He calculates its position with the GPS of his mobile phone. He intervenes and takes a photo.
Then, at his office, he creates a graphic object with the WGS84 coordinates transformed with the topographic module.
He will enter the various data; file reference, dates, type of intervention, pictures...

The database is completely user controlled.

You set the table name, the title of each field and its type (text, number, picture). The database can be composed of several tables that each can have up to 100 properties. The number of records is of course not limited.
From each table, you can define your own print reports easily created with your favorite word processor.

The data format uses the SQLite3 library very widespread on the Web.

We developed a special version of this library incorporating the most advanced encryption (AES) to protect your privacy.

You can run a SQL query in your database and see the results obtained in Excel ® format (CSV) or obtain its graph.

Possibility of import or export SHP format, with attribute tables, for experiencing the best of both worlds of CAD and GIS