CadOGeo : 2D CAD, Autocad® DWG and DXF compatible

If you're an architect, surveyor, or part of an engineering team... AutoCAD is essential for your profession, but its price, even its LT version, doesn't fit your budget.

CadOGeo is a complete 2D software solution, for creating and modify Autocad plans in two dimensions. CadOGeo is Windows ® compatible, and can be used by both; experts and novices, teachers and students.

CadOGeo can read and write DWG files, the native Autocad file format, used by Autodesk and other CADD/CADAM systems world wide, and and SHP for the PLUS version.


CadOGeo can manage the following graphical objects; Points, Lines, Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Ellipses, Rectangles, Text, Inserting Blocks, Raster Images (various formats GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, WMF, EMF, ICO, PGN , JBG, J2K, MNG and finally ECW), dimensions.
Drawings are organized in Layers, Linetypes, Blocks, Text style, Dimensions style...
All these objects are managed in a coordinate system XYZ.
Gives easy access to all object properties and objects can be edited by moving their control points (grips).
Various snap modes (including polar) allows you to easily draw/edit objects.
Editing operations include the all common Autocad edit controls, like Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Explode, Erase, Join, Coupling, Trim, Extend.
The application supports Windows TTF fonts and AutoCAD® SHP/SHX fonts, AutoCAD® hatch patterns (PAT) and linetypes (LIN) .
You can Copy-Paste the clipboard of drawing entities for enabling easily data exchange between multiple open files.
UNDO up to 100 levels.
Various options including zoom using the mouse wheel.
Print preview.
Customizable interface.
Quick Setup.
Numerous add-ons will be available, connection with databases and topographic calculations.See page CadOGeo+.

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Windows© XP
Windows© Vista
Windows© 7
Windows© 8
Windows© 10
Windows© 11
Language : French English Català Magyar
Download file size : 12 Mo

Minimum system requirements

Intel© / AMD©
512 MB of RAM
30 MB hard disk